South Carolina Libertarians Might Turn Me Republican…

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This is exactly why I named this page “Conservative” From a Liberal State. Because I don’t believe in party loyalty. A political party can easily change it’s stance on a topic that is important to you, and then you might have to sacrifice your values if you were to continue to be bound to that party.

Such is the situation that I’m facing right now with the Libertarian party in South Carolina. I registered as a Libertarian only about 2 years ago while I was a NJ resident. I still have yet to declare a party now that I’m a South Carolina resident. But while I’m still in the process of deciding my party affiliation, I’m doing my best to research the current trend of politics down here. I’ve been keeping up with local gun rights decisions, abortion policies, school legislation, and other topics.

But what has bothered me most is the social media page of the SC Libertarian Party…

Abortion has been a huge topic that has stolen the spotlight on all social media platforms over the last few weeks. This is because some states like Alabama have chosen to outlaw abortions almost entirely. Something which I strongly support. Because while I want there to me very minimal government involvement in my life, I do believe that the government should step in when someone has the intent to cause harm on another human being. This policy of mine is actually known as the “non aggression principle” amongst Libertarian voters. It’s the general principle that everything should be legal, until it infringes on someone else’s rights or personal safety. And I’ve mentioned before that in my opinion (being a former emergency medical technician) I have all the scientific evidence I need in order to confirm that an unborn fetus is a living human being. So this topic should really be incredibly simple. It should be a simple question of “do you or don’t you support murder?”. Any discussion about “choice” is not a discussion about abortion. And so, while many Libertarians have actually become more vocal against abortion, it surprises me to see a Libertarian faction that is so vocal about supporting abortion.

But while this shakes up my faith in the party, I don’t want to become a single topic voter. There are other important topics to consider. However, this next post also gave me cause for concern…

I can only assume that the writer was referring to the old definition of the term “liberal”. Or what is now called a “classic liberal”. I’ve met quite a few people who call themselves classic liberals, and they actually have pretty similar political values to modern day conservatives. However, this doesn’t quite seem to be the case in this post.

I get the sense that the Libertarians in South Carolina have a grudge against Republicans. And I understand that. They live in a situation that is similar to what I was faced with back in NJ. When your state is run entirely by one party, then you have no one else to blame. So they clearly want to distance themselves from the Republicans. And likewise, the Libertarian party in NJ is actually very anti-Democrat.

I do believe that the SC Libertarian party still has the same principles of scaling back government and defending individual liberties. The only problem is, I don’t think they realize how good they already have it down here. The Republicans might not be perfect down here, but every single government agency that I’ve seen down here has been much more cost effective than what I’ve seen in NJ.

Here’s a quick look at my income taxes. Living in NJ, I paid taxes for 6 different categories, and I don’t even know what half of them are! Here in SC, there’s only one category. Not only that, but if you don’t own a vehicle in SC, then you don’t pay a road tax! Because rather than taking it from your income or your property tax (like in NJ), SC takes it only from vehicle owners who actually USE the road. SC also doesn’t abuse their police powers as much as NJ does. I’ve noticed the police around here drive around with their blue lights constantly on. Not in a flashing strobe pattern, but just a solid light, so that they’re not hiding (and thus, you’ll almost never get caught in a speed trap). And with the tiny amount of money I pay in taxes, it actually covers trash pickup! I still can’t believe that after all the taxes I had to pay in NJ, basic services like trash pickup still had to be paid for out of pocket! And even though we paid taxes for the roads, we still had to pay tolls every time we got in the car! I have so much freedom down here I’m even planning on creating my own business next year!

So, I think my biggest obstacle in the SC political arena is going to be showing the people how good they have it. No place on Earth will ever be perfect. And sometimes freedom needs to be defined by relative means. Here in SC, I’m experiencing freedom like I’ve never known before. And if it’s the Republicans that have gotten this state to where it is, I have to ask myself if I am ok trying to remove them from their seats.


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